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Thomas Products designs and manufactures hundreds of standard flow and level switches, as well as water flow gages, liquid level gauges, flow gages, water level controls, liquid level controls and flow controls.

We can also custom design and manufacture variations of almost all of our parts for specific applications such as high temperature & unique mounting solutions. We have the ability to use any number of connectors, specific wire or cable, as well as threading connections.

Designers & Manufacturers of Quality Level and Flow Switches...

Designers & Manufacturers of Quality Level and Flow Switches...The Leading Edge...We are the innovator of cutting-edge design and the manufacturer of electrical level and flow switches and nonelectric indicators. We are determined to stay ahead of our competition, while still focusing on craftsmanship.


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Quality...When you buy our products, you receive total quality assurance since we are a full-service operation from raw material purchase to product completion.

Continuous Customer/Product Support...With more than three decades of business experience, we have established long-term working relationships with clients in diverse industries including: aerospace, automotive, mining, construction, petrochemical, medical, food, and beverage.

Integrated Product Development...We offer hundreds of standard flow and level switches, as well as customized sensors. We create tailored tools and dies for your individual product development and application. We have complete in-house machining capabilities. And, we operate as a total team.